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Dangerflow: Miami Heat and Marlins' Songs Are About "Triumphs and Failures"

The Miami Marlins have a winning record into June for the first time in years. To help foster excitement around our beloved baseball team, Fox Sports Florida released a promo titled "Yo Soy Miami." Soundtracking the ad is the new song "Fall Before You Fly" from Miami's own Dangerflow.

The hip-hop fusion five-piece is no stranger to sports. It got this gig after previous songs were used for Miami Heat promos. "That contact with the Heat flipped our music to the Marlins," explained vocalist Eric Stinnett over the telephone. "Our music speaks a lot about the human condition, empowering people through triumphs and failures. That strikes a chord with all kinds of sport teams like the Heat or the Marlins and even got our songs on the X Games. Life is our inspiration, with all the ups and downs. In our music, just like in sports, the greatest winners have lost before."

All five members of the band were more down than up after the Heat lost to the Spurs the day before -- guitarist Kevin Callo joked, "I got some tequila right now helping me recover from it." But there was some news they could rejoice over. They just received a master of their new album, also titled Fall Before You Fly, which they plan to release sometime in the next couple of months.

"This album's more indigenous. We listened to West African guitars," explained Stinnett. "It has some heavier stuff. If you ever saw the movie Apocalypto, it has that feeling of running through the jungle. Mo goes crazy on the congas."

Percussionist Mo Estrada was quick to not take all the credit. "We had a lot of great guest international musicians. We caught this Colombian marimba player, Esteban Copete, who we saw at a show and asked him to go to the studio with us."

The band is in the process of scheduling shows in the next couple of months in both Miami and Broward, and videos for the new tracks were being edited as we spoke. The video for "Fall Before You Fly" was shot in San Francisco. "We just have a cameo," said Callo excitedly. "They have actors doing the story line filled with sex and drugs. It's like the movie Requiem for a Dream meets True Romance filmed in the barrio."

We'd like to believe that maybe the band's unique tropical beats and rising star might have something to do with the team's solid start. According to Estrada, "The Marlins really liked the song. They're hoping to use it for the stadium for when they show highlights from the team." That definitely says something.

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