Danny Brito's Record Store Baby Tote, Perfect for Vinyl

In case you haven't already heard (we've only mentioned it a thousand times here at County Grind!), this Saturday is Record Store Day. Radio-Active Records will not only be pumping out the jams for swarms of loyal vinyl lovers but also playing host to a slew of indie craft and art vendors. These include local artist Danny Brito, who designed a one-of-a-kind, RSD-inspired tote especially for the festivities. 

Brito is a well-known face in SoFla's indie craft and art scene. He's shown work at events like Art-Rock and Retro-Indie Market in addition to being featured in various shows at Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery and even at Art Basel Miami Beach. 

Brito's art is typically alternative and feminine, using basic and advanced mixed-media editing to produce magical and whimsical androgynous characters. Brito's keen eye and imagination for the "super kawaii" doesn't disappoint in his RSD design. He outlined the process for us earlier this week.  

Initially, we wondered what inspired him to create this specific design, since his aesthetic doesn't typically concentrate on music. In terms of the illustration, which starts out as a watercolor painting of the tattooed, turquoise/ombre haired, cat-eyed girl, Brito says he's "really inspired by powerful women," so he knew he wanted it to feature a tough, hip, but fashionable girl -- "one that you might see at a record store."  

After he's satisfied with the painting and it's dry, he scans it into Photoshop, his favorite aspect of the process, because he can "put things together quickly but perfectly, like adding the record and music notes," for instance. This really distinguishes it as a tribute to the female singer/songwriters he finds inspiring. 
After digitally adding the final touches, including "Record Store Baby" (a perfect nod to RSD) in bright pink, it's off to the printer, where this lovely lady is brought to life on fabric.  

The last step involves sewing the totes on a machine Brito has owned for years. Each measures 14.5 inches by 14.5 inches and -- as he's tested himself -- it "fits a few records comfortably." There's even enough room for a wallet, cell phone, or other essentials for vinyl-loving shoppers. Brito is doing a limited run of these totes for Saturday, each selling for $20, but due to the positive online response, he may be releasing more that will feature slight changes to the color schemes, but, he notes, "keeping the originals unique to RSD."  
Brito is also planning something a bit more masculine, initially aiming for a unisex style but admitting that "maybe not every guy will want to carry this one." While the totes may be a little fem for some, we don't think it'll dissuade any die-hards from walking away with one of these babies! 
What three vinyls can you find in Danny Brito's RSD tote? "Lykke Li's Youth Novels, which came out in '08 but is honestly one of my favorite records to play from start to end," he says. "Emmy the Great's Edward EP, because she basically sings the soundtrack to my life, and Arcade Fire's Neon Bible, simply because it's amazing." 

To stay up-to-date on all things DannyB, check out his website. To shop, click here. Find these totes at Radio-Active Records, 845 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, on Saturday, April 21. 

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