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Danzig's Blackest of the Black Tour to Start in Ft. Lauderdale

Just found the news deep in the archives of Brooklynvegan, where I apparently missed it when the tour dates were announced back in July but...


This is exciting because he hasn't been here in, like, forever, and when Glenn Danzig spoke to Jason Handelsman of the Miami New Times last year, it sure didn't seem like he was very enthusiastic about ever again doing a full-scale tour. Not sure what happened, but he's apparently done an about-face and launched his own sort of branded package tour, with the coolest name: Blackest of the Black.

It launches on October 9 at Revolution. Tickets aren't on sale yet, and the show hasn't been announced on Revolution's web site, so you'll have to check there periodically, or set up an e-mail alert through Ticketmaster (which handles the club's ticketing.)

Or, to get presale ticket access, you can register here.

The other bands on the lineup aren't too shabby either: Dimmu Borgir, Skeletonwitch, Moonspell, and Winds of Plague. How's all that for dark?

Enjoy this bonanza of videos I've copied over in a fit of geek enthusiasm. -- Arielle Castillo

Danzig - "Mother" (1988)

Dimmu Borgir - "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse" (2003)

Skeletonwitch - "Onward to Battle" (live clip from 2004)

Moonspell - "Opium" (1996)

Winds of Plague - "The Impaler" (2008) (I actually kind of hate this video for multiple reasons. Haven't made up my mind about the band itself, the frontman kinda seems like an ex-thugcore bro pretending at the death metal growl... I'm all for girl keyboardists in heavy music though.)

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