Dashboard Confessional, Chris Carrabba, to Play Solo Acoustic Set in Fort Lauderdale

Weeks later, and we're still curled up in a fetal position, nursing a regret-filled, weepy New Year's hangover, favorite blankies in hand, suckling our thumbs. 

Just when we thought we'd cried our last tear, it turns out Chris Carrabba is performing a solo acoustic set of Dashboard Confessional songs at the Bienes Center on January 11. Convenience stores all over Fort Lauderdale will definitely be sold out of tissues as the pretty-boy Boca-native brings Dashboard back to its one-man roots and a sold-out crowd. 

All tissues aside, we're sure the more hardcore fans will proudly let the tears and snot roll down their faces as they sob out their favorite lyrics of love and loss. 

Carrabba recently reunited with his original group Further Seems Forever. They released a new album, Penny Black, on Rise Records last year. The singer told New Times in 2012, "Nostalgia aside, I feel Penny Black contains the best songs we have done, or at least equal to the best songs we have done." 

Adding a more personal sentiment about FSF bandmates, "Their impression on me was profound. These guys are brilliant musicians, and I was blessed to get to learn by their side."

Dashboard Confessional. 8 p.m., Friday, January 11, at Bienes Center for the Arts, St. Thomas Aquinas, 2801 SW 12th Street, Fort Lauderdale. Sold out. Call 954 513 2272, or visit

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Anthony Hernandez