Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba and Further Seems Forever Announce Upcoming LP

Not more than a few days ago, Chris Carrabba of the popular emo alt outfit, originating from Boca Raton, Dashboard Confessional officially declared that he'd be working with his former group Further Seems Forever to put out an LP. He told the site Suburban Apologist, "It's safe to say that we will have something this year. We will have a new record out this year."

The last album singer Carrabba made with FSF was about ten years back, though the group last released an LP Hide Nothing in the summer of 2004. 

Drummer Steve Kleisath says that the band reunited two years ago. "At the time we were working on new material, but we weren't telling people," but that they were also, "having fun, hanging out." Last year, the band performed some live shows in support of the ten year anniversary of that first and last album they produced with Carrabba The Moon is Down.  

Kleisath has been collaborating with musical act Nakota, performing around South Florida, and will be doing a show in Athens, Georgia, next month with the musician. Kleisath has also been been working on achieving the world record high score of Ms. Pac-Man. He is officially third in the world on the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard, and unofficially the second in the world. A game at Boomers in Boca recently gave him the latter title, though he's not sure they'll count it because the whole game wasn't recorded from beginning until the end. 

As far as the album is concerned, Kleisath says, "We have a whole body of work ready." They just have to finalize, mix, and master it. 

"This lineup, which is the original lineup, we always felt like this was the most cohesive, like we're family. We have a great chemistry," he says. Though most members are dads and have busy schedules, once they align their calendars and the group gets together, Kleisath says, "it's always something to look forward to." 

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