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Datsik on Korn's Jonathan Davis: "He Knows More About Hip-Hop Than I Do"

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The vortex DJ booth, looks pretty cool. Are you bringing that here to Fort Lauderdale?

Yeah, I think I am. I just depends if it fits in the venue or not. We've only had one show so far where we hadn't been able to fit it in the venue. It's about 14 feet tall, it really depends. I guess we'll find out when we get there.

It's really cool. It's basically a video map stage completely immersed in visuals from front to back. There's a projector in the front and a projector in the rear. It's a crazy idea that somehow I thought of on a plane. We all didn't really think it was going to work, but I had faith in it. I brought the idea to a couple of different people and they shot it down. I brought it to V Squared Labs, and I was like look, I really want this to work. They had faith in it. Now, sure enough we've got something that's never been done before. That's usually how new things are invented. Doing things other people think aren't going to work.

Who are other DJs who you like to see live but who have cool booths?

Excision is awesome to go watch. He has these huge Xes on the side. Skrillex is always fun to go see. He has these huge spaceship things now. I usually don't go for the flashing lights, I basically go for the music. But that's kind of the way the scene is these days you don't just pay for the music; you pay for the spectacle.

Did you catch Madonna at Ultra?

I didn't actually catch Madonna. I heard about it. I was with 12th Planet and a bunch of different artists and we were up at this big suite, and we basically watched Skrillex's set from the top of this building, overlooking the whole thing. It was so cool. Miami and Florida is always so much fun. It's easy to have a good time there because there are so many people who like to party and so many girls, and whatever. Just nuts.

What can we expect from your show?

Expect a shitload of sound and bass. Expect pretty much the craziest music you've ever heard.

Datsik Firepower Records Tour at 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 19, at Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Visit Jointherevolution.net.

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