Dave Matthews Band's Soundtrack to Your Life

Much like Edible Arrangements, Dave Mathews Band has something for every occasion. While the one offers pineapples to help you celebrate your 30th birthday, DMB's got songs that remind you of losing your virginity.

When you sing along with Dave, it's kind of like wailing words off pages of an old diary. Some of the top moments in your personal history can all be expressed and explained by tracks penned by Dave Matthews.

Now, relax and ride that Dave train back to moments you'll always remember and some you wish you could forget.

7. "Crash Into Me"

This track definitely reminds you of your first unattainable crush. There was that fantasy guy or girl you daydreamed about but never actually made a move on. Maybe they were way older or ridiculously hot or maybe someone just got there before you did. But either way, "Crash Into Me" is about the desire but not the opportunity to bump uglies.

6. "Sister"

Whether you're somebody's sister or you have a sister, get ready for the waterworks to start with this ditty. When you hear this song, you're a kid all over again with your sibling. And not the times when they were farting on you, but more so when they were the only person who had your back when the world sucked.

5. "Space Between"

Remember that on and off again relationship you were in? The one that went on for years and years with that person who almost never let you get over them? One minute you were throwing hamburgers at each other in a Wendy's parking lot and the next minute you were making out? Then it started all over again. Depending on your perspective, you might have wasted a hell of a lot of time with this one. But this song is all about those moments in between the fighting when you thought you loved them.

4. "When the World Ends"

This tune takes us back to feeling invincible and being truly, madly, deeply in love. Like the first time you went bonkers for another person in college. You were so sure they were "the one" that nothing could ever bring you down, not even the end of the world.

3. "Satellite"

There's no denying that almost every DMB song is bound to sound a little better when your stoner pal Mary Jane is chillin' with you. But this one in particular kind of brings to mind the first time you first encountered her deliciously stinky green-ness. You felt like a satellite high up in the sky.

2. "Gravedigger"

Shit got real, when you realized that you weren't as invincible as you thought you were. This happened with your first real loss -- the friend who partied too hard, your grandma passing, finding out someone you love got cancer. You learned you wouldn't live forever. When Dave started crooning about a gravedigger who would dig his grave shallow so he could feel the rain, you understood perfectly what he meant.

1. "Mercy"

Way before John Mayer brought about "Waiting on the World to Change," Dave sang "Mercy." It takes you back to that humanist phase you went through in college. Maybe you've gotten way too cynical for that by now or maybe you're still going at it. But when you first got inspired and really felt like you could change the world by volunteering for beach clean-ups or signing up for Gandhi Day at your university, this song was your anthem.

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