David Coverdale Brings Whitesnake 2015 to Hard Rock Hollywood

David Coverdale is more than just the founder of Whitesnake, otherwise known as the ’80s band with the number-one hit “Here I Go Again." And yes, you know it from Old School (“You’re my boy, Blue.”).

Coverdale was born in England, and at the mere age of 22, his career began as the new lead singer of Deep Purple in 1973 (he replaced Ian Gillan). After leaving the band, Coverdale released two albums on his own: Northwinds and White Snake. Soon after, in the late ’70s, Coverdale became in charge of the band he is most known for, Whitesnake.

Although Whitesnake is known solely for the aforementioned ballad, there were many comparisons to another famous British-born band: Led Zeppelin. Fittingly, Coverdale emerged out of hiding in 1993 alongside Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page in the group Coverdale/Page. Alas, the duo was fleeting, as only one album was created (the aptly titled Coverdale-Page).
In 1998, Coverdale emerged yet again with a brand new Whitesnake group. Despite two album flops and a rumor of Coverdale becoming Van Halen’s new lead singer, Coverdale created yet another lineup in 2003 and partook in a coheadlining U.S. tour with the Scorpions. Rumor has it that Coverdale saw a slew of band members come and go, at least 39 total. As he told the Guardian, "I haven’t kept count.”

Bandmates have come and gone, but Coverdale is still out-front. There are plenty of bands from the '60s, '70s, and '80s (don't even get us started on the '50s) touring with its original frontman — or even a single original member. Nearly four decades after its founding, Whitesnake remains David Coverdale's baby.

Catch Coverdale and the current incarnation of Whitesnake this Thursday at the Hard Rock in Hollywood with their newest and 12th album, The Purple Album

Whitesnake, 8 p.m. Thursday, August 5, at Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Call 866-502-7529, or visit Tickets cost $35 to $60 via ticketmaster.
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Natalya Jones