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David Guetta's New Track and Video With Fergie AND LMFAO: the Dance Music Apocalypse?

Alright, so at the beginning, Crossfade didn't have anything particular against David Guetta. We admired his particular brand of Gallic panache, and his unabashed goal in taking dance music back into the pop realm. We drunkenly got excited about "Love is Gone" more times than we would now care to admit.

However, now we're worried. Must Guetta be stopped? First there was the terrifying reign of his production for the Black Eyed Peas, "I Gotta Feelin" -- which kind of sounded like "Love is Gone." Then there was the recent lackluster, phone-it-in video for "Memories," with Kid Cudi, which apparently was shot on a dime while wandering Biscayne Boulevard down the street from the Miami New Times offices.

Now, there's this new video for "Gettin' Over You," which features "Love is Gone" star vocalist Chris Willis, but also ... wait for it ... Fergie ... AND LMFAO. Which also kind of sounds like "I Gotta Feelin" ... and "Love is Gone." The video is slightly higher-budget than the one for "Memories," but still includes unfortunate close-ups of Guetta Tweeting and Diet Coke commercial-style montages of Active Urban Young Adults. (The track itself also includes Fergie repeating her "People in the plaaaaaace" line from "Boom Boom Pow," which is too, too soon.) 

Check out the video above. Is it only a matter of time before Guetta becomes so inflated as to appear in his own Bob Sinclar-style naked angel portraits?

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Arielle Castillo
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