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David K: Singer/Songwriter and "Cerebral Hairdresser" Live in Concert

A man of some history, many parts, a hard edge, and a soft underbelly, singer/songwriter and hairstylist extraordinaire David K brings his tales of heartbreak and paradox to the stage on an irregular basis.

One of those appearances happens tonight in off-downtown West Palm Beach, at the Blind Monk, a venue with a story of its own. Even on a Tuesday night, expect the room to be packed, with K's entourage (yes, he has one) and whatever lucky few strangers wander in to sip of the many house wines by the glass.

Best-known locally as the proprietor of the ultra-chic and artsy salon that bears his name, as a younger man K followed the well-worn path of many another restless soul, out of Queens and into Manhattan. Trained under the late, legendary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon (who hung the "cerebral hairdresser" title on him), K made a name for himself in the worlds of fashion and music. His downtown boutique Salon Dada was a center for forward-thinking hair craft. He fell into the antifolk scene and hung out at the downtown clubs of the '80s. (One of his songs is a tribute to the Mudd Club).

Since his SoFla arrival several years ago, K has toiled at local salons, built a following, and, four years ago, opened his eponymous boutique on West Palm Beach's most bohemian strip, Northwood Road. (All the while perfecting his music and, no small sideline, for some time editing nightlife entrepreneur Rodney Mayo's dearly missed monthly magazine Closer.)

K's songs are intricately rhymed tales of love and loss, their emotional reversals bitter, sweet and delicately worldly-wise. To blithe melodies and with quavering voice, angels rush in, stumble, and fly off to fall again.

Almost as enjoyable as K's songs is his way with the crowd. An instinctive showman, the feisty bantamweight's streetwise banter, alternately vulnerable and sharp, proves the truth of his claim: "Where I am, New York is there."

K's been in the studio recently, and according to producer (and singer/songwriter) Ric Pattison, "he's never been more seriously hardworking." Just back from the Big Apple last night, batteries recharged, we expect K to deliver the full big-city treatment.

David K in concert, from 8 to 11 p.m. Tuesday, October 22, at the Blind Monk

410 Evernia St., West Palm Beach.

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