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Deadmau5 Uploads Photo Gallery Dedicated to Kat Von D on Facebook: Cute or Creepy?

It looks like there's a new romance brewing in Los Angeles between tattoo artist Kat Von D and EDM shittalker Deadmau5. Over the weekend, Deadmau5 let out some vague hints about his new love interest over Twitter. On Sunday, the DJ finally confirmed the romantic rumors by tweeting, "Yeah, im b4 I find a fuck to give over the Internet implodes over it ;) at least I'm happy! Lol" (Is that even English?).

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Since releasing the news, the pair have been sharing all sorts of mushy photos and tweets via their personal social media networks. However, yesterday afternoon Deadmau5 took it to a whole new level by uploading an entire Facebook photo album dedicated to his new leading lady entitled, "a day with the kats :D" made up of almost 50 photos. We can't decide if this is totally cute or absolutely creepy. Please share what you think about all of this Kat with cats.

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