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Death Jam Posse Brought Out Fort Lauderdale's Ratchet Side at Laser Wolf Record Premiere

The bass was so heavy they literally had to tape the amp down. A dog without a leash, minding its own business, wove in and out of the legs of bar-goers as he pleased. Smoke filled the air and booties popped. It was a Death Jam Posse party at Laser Wolf.

On Saturday night, booty bass trio Death Jam (a.k.a. Young Lauderdale, Mr. Belvedere, and Da $wap $hop Kid -- formerly known as Bleubird, Jabrjaw, and Protoman) took over the craft beer hot spot bar Laser Wolf. They subsequently dominated the Fort Lauderdale scene for the evening. People gathered to celebrate the release of their new 7-inch, Death Wolf, a tribute to the bar itself -- the spot where the VMA-worthy music video was shot and premiered.

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The words "808 OR DIE" and the bar's signature emblem were painted adjacent walls right across the room from the beautifully packaged vinyl. Besides the record, the boxes contained a blood-stained note explaining the story of "Death Wolf," shredded money, stickers, and more.

As the Death Jam crew blasted heavy beats and crowd favorites, familiar faces of Fort Lauderdale filled the outdoor area. It soon became packed with tipsy partygoers: A strangely perfect mix of girls in tight dresses and stilettos with guys in ties and button downs, and tattooed chicks and Smiths shirt-wearing dudes all in clumps, like high school cliques.

It was glam and grime, trademark SoFla style.

Though wardrobe may have sectioned these folks off into their respective groups, everyone seemed to be there for the same reason -- to shake some ass and rep the town. It all felt very 954, which the Death Jam guys seem to epitomize.

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Rebecca Bulnes

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