Death to the Sun III Moves to Snooze Theatre: Full Lineup

For the uninitiated, Ricardo Guerrero's annual DEATH TO THE SUN (he spells it in ALL CAPS "just to add a little Henry Rollins flavor") music festival is one of the biggest avant-rock events in South Florida. There's pop, there's noise, and there's a general celebratory feeling that summer is finally lessening its disgusting display of solar fuckery on our bodies. 

One thing that is very different about the 2011 gathering, which is scheduled for September 24, is that the party is moving out of Miami-Dade and into the confines of Lake Park's Snooze Theatre. If you need more context on the matter, look no further than his note to our sibling blog Crossfade in which Guerrero asserts "All Miami venues fucking suck a fat fucking dick."

The plan, completely lacking in suckage, is to set up three or four stages for the day and just wild out with 30 bands, including Guerrero's own This Heart Electric, that are scheduled to perform. We've got the first look at the lineup below.

DEATH TO THE SUN 2011 Lineup

90s Teen

The Band in Heaven

Bulletproof Tiger

Curious Hair

The Dewars

Dino Felipe

Family Treasures (NY)


Guy Harvey

Holly Hunt

Kenny Millions

Kid Khameleon

Love Handles
Luma Junger

Manny and the Mangos

Matilda Lights




The President

Rat Bastard


Ritz Riot (NY)

Skeleton Warrior (Tampa)


This Heart Electric

Toad Eyes

Universal Expansion

Unstoppable Death Machines (NY)

The Viking Funeral

Guerrero told Crossfade: "My plans for DTTS are to stick to my flawless formula: a shitload of excellent, hand-picked South Florida bands, no cover, and cheap drinks for all. It's a farewell-to-summer celebration, so I want to make sure everyone can partake and fucking lose their shit."

DEATH TO THE SUN III. Saturday, September 24, at Snooze Theatre, 798 Tenth St., Lake Park. No cover. Click here.

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