Death to the Sun III Psychedelic .GIFs by Bleeding Palm

As expected, Death to the Sun III was a rousing success for the burgeoning independent music community as it moved to the Snooze Theatre in Lake Park. As a participant for a good eight-and-a-half hours -- minus a ten-minute catnap in my car -- County Grind can speak with authority on the matter and did in this review. Great video featuring many of the night's acts came courtesy of Adele Hampton here. Mr. Bleeding Palm, AKA Ronnie Rivera, provided photography for the night, which is available for your perusal.

What is also now up for grabs today are several sights that can't be captured with just any camera. Over at Rivera's site, there are 72 new photos that remind attendees who drank a little bong water beforehand what they experienced. A couple of our favorites are below.

Anyhow, you should probably head over to BleedingPalm.com now and check out more of these fascinating sights. Death to the Sun IV can't come soon enough!

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