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Derby Crazy Love Creator: "Counterculture Is at the Heart of Roller Derby"

There's a conversation in the documentary Derby Crazy Love that perfectly summarizes both female roller derby's feminist appeal and its stark difference from other, more-mainstream sports. Derby player Smack Daddy is explaining it's about exploring that inner territory where "you are superbadass, tough, and edgy. But then just because you're hard-core and edgy doesn't mean that you have to be a douchebag."

For as much as the sport embraces strength and fierce competition, derby's main ethos of community, sisterhood, and inclusiveness is helping to change the perception of women in sports. Derby Crazy Love will screen at Jump the Shark this Friday with the help of the Gold Coast Derby Grrls. We recently spoke with one of the documentary's creators, Maya Gallus of Red Queen Productions Inc., about derby's crossroads as the sport gains more mass appeal, the changing landscape of competitive sports, and the importance of a good and sarcastic derby name.

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Terra Sullivan