Desiigner Is Taking His All-Caps Energy to Fort Lauderdale

Courtesy of Def Jam

Desiigner’s Twitter feed is, above all else, loud. The New York rapper types in all capital letters, showing his excitement to share his fans' love, the three new songs he dropped at once, and recent interviews he’s done with well-known radio hosts. His Instagram reflects the same, with emojis of fire and prayer hands to add to the enthusiasm for his first tour, with 20 stops nationwide. Three recent photos are of nearly identical posters for his Outlet Tour, which brings Desiigner to Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room this Thursday.

It's not just for show. The 19-year-old rapper carries his over-the-top joy for his music with him to the stage, undoubtedly making his live performances worth the $20 you could have spent on drugs.

Desiigner, also known as Sidney Royel Selby III, earned the label of mumble rapper after his first single, “Panda,” with a lyrics comprehension rate of about 10 percent, was release last year. The song includes stuttering, a strong beat, and something about a panda. (It's still clear if he’s talking about the animal.) The catchy hit record caught the ear of Kanye West and sparked a relationship a SoundCloud rapper could only dream of. From there, Desiigner signed to G.O.O.D Music, earned a spot on XXL’s 2016 "Freshman" list, and released his debut album, New English.

Most fans expected Desiigner’s debut LP to include more of the new English displayed in “Panda,” but he and Kanye instead produced a rap album that embodied trap, rap, and random classical interludes that balanced out any gibberish. At 14 songs long, the project includes features from King Savage, Mekado, and G.O.O.D’s own Pusha T. Though the project received mixed reviews from Pitchfork and highly qualified Twitter music critics, it doesn’t stop the energy and excitement in Desiigner's voice on every track.

His new music, released earlier this month, includes “Up,” “Holy Ghost,” and “Thank God I Got It,” all high-energy tracks that are expected to appear on the set list for his Culture Room stop on the Outlet Tour. At past performances, audiences have gone crowd-surfing, thrown water bottles, and jumped wildly from side to side on the stage. He effortlessly gives older rappers a run for their money when it comes to stage presence, but it’s not guaranteed you will be able to understand the lyrics. All he can promise is good energy, so get excited.

The Outlet Tour
Featuring Desiigner. 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 27, at Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale; 954-564-1074; cultureroom.net. Tickets cost $23 in advance via ticketmaster.com.

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