Destroyio Punk Rock Show at Art of Freedom in Little Havana

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via Destroyio Records
Born to dude. Click for full size.
​"Fuck the art scene, bunch of boojie motherfuckers. I do this shit cause I need it to live, not for the money." Those were the words of Fabio Destroyio on the front steps of the Freedom Tower after losing the Miami New Times Mastermind Awards at Artopia. The label would have invested its $1,000 winnings in keeping the punk scene going in the MIA, but as usual they're gonna do it themselves instead.

The good news is that this Saturday Destroyio is playing in the heart of Little Havana at a place called Art of Freedom, an art gallery lounge, and cafe at 1388 SW Eighth Street. If you've ever been round there it's the place with the outdoor batido counter and awesome Celia Cruz mural on the corner outside. That side of town is looking extra run down these days. Commercial activity is down, there are lots of for rent signs, and people are hanging out everywhere. It's a perfect place for some raw, gutter, shit to go down and real art to happen in the City of Miami.

Catch Guerrileros De Nadie, Nobody's Hero, Eztorbo Social, The Panix, M66, Enough!, and DJ Skidmark for only $5 and drink up with $1 PBR's.

Then stay tuned for this tour benefit show coming up on February 25 at Churchill's.

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