Destroyio Records Celebrates Concrete Jungle Release at Churchill's Pub Friday

via Destroyio Records
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​Punk rock lives at the house of holy hell, Churchill's, this Friday with Destroyio Records and the official release of the third edition of Concrete Jungle punk rock zine.

Spray paint the walls, shake things up, talk that noise, hate on pigs (real police are good though, support the good ones), work and get money, do what you gotta do, be loud, stand up for yourself, stick by your friends, piss on society, make it happen, do it yourself. Fuck authority, don't believe their lies, keep your positive mental attitude, fight the real enemy, if the kids are united, they will never be divided. Fifteen 13-year-old girls can easily kick any one person's ass. Be like ants, except not communist, unless that's what you're into. Make music, make mixtapes, start a band, start a radio show. Do something. Go to this show.

Here's what Fabio Destroyio had to say about it over the phone at 10:38 this morning:

Crossfade: Hey, you awake?

Destroyio: Uh getting there. Hell, man. Gimme a couple minutes, let me wake up. I'm all confused and stuff.

What were you doing yesterday?

Chillin', finishing up that magazine. On Friday, the third issue of Concrete Jungle, we're releasing

it. The show is 5 bucks. I'm sleepy as hell.

Would you ever shit on a cop, like diarrhea?

Let's see dude if I had to really take a crap and there was a cop there...I probably would take a shit on a cop if I had to, yes.

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