Destroyio Records Presents A Punk Rock Christmas at Churchill's

Fabio Destroyio
Santa shits out Jesus for Christmas.
​Once a year at the end of December Christmas takes over everything. See the above flyer of Santa Clause shitting out a full grown Jesus Christ doing the rock and roll sign as he exits Santa's asshole to see how some people feel about it.

This Friday, Destroyio Records presents a Punk Christmas at Churchill's with:
- To Be Hated - Organizing slave-elves into a union and calling a strike.
- Enough! - Smoking a joint with Mrs. Clause after getting Christmas Head
- The Actuaries - Some new shit
- Sound 4 Sound - Santa doing rails off a strippers ass
- Eztorbo Social - Live reindeer in a blender
- Bakeracted - Drinking beer with three wisemen in a barn in the desert.
- Guerilleros de Nadie - Throwing rocks through the windows of God's house.
- DJ's Skidmark, Frankie Pointless and Nayra! - Playing shit between all the other shit.

Doors open at 9 p.m.; $5 cover. Log on to Churchills or Destroyio websites for more info.

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