DFA and Minimal Wave Records Rediscovered Futurisk, Releasing Remixes of "Lonely Streets"

Lighthouse Point electropop, synthpunk group Futurisk started making music in the late '70s right here in South Florida. They describe themselves on Facebook as: "An anomalous singularity in the black-hole of early 1980's Florida. They would be rediscovered almost 30 years later by Veronica Vasicka and James Murphy." Veronica Vasicka is of Minimal Wave Records, and, of course, you know LCD Soundsystem and DFA Records' James Murphy, master of all electropop, synthpunk sounds these days. 

Futurisk released two 7-inch vinyls on Clark Humphrey Records, and one of them, the Player Piano EP was picked up by Murphy in 2002 at a record store. It was recorded in 1982 at Ocean Sound studio in Fort Lauderdale. Murphy released a Futurisk track on a DFA mix, which led to Minimal Wave releasing a 30th anniversary retrospective of the group's work in 2010, calling it, what else but, Player Piano LP. You'll likely download it from iTunes after hearing this version of "Lonely Streets" after the jump. It's featured on the album and once you press play, beware, club lights may go on in your bed or at your desk, and you will dance darkly about the room. The label will also soon be coming out with likely very dance-worthy remixes of this track. Enjoy this nugget of FTL history. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.