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Dialed In: Last Week's Top Ten From Nova Radio "Radio X"

Dialed In is a weekly column on Crossfade tracking the top-ten lists on South Florida's campus radio stations. Click here to view the top tracks from previous weeks.

Top Albums for the week of October 4 - 10

Nova Southeastern University- WNSU 88.5 FM, "Radio X"
Radio X broadcasts local bands, alternative music and newscasts.
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Blast from the Past: the Smashing Pumpkins rocked Radio X last week
  1. Single, Ne-yo
  2. Loser, A New Start
  3. Hallelujah, Paramore
  4. Jacob, Allister
  5. Mi Blender, Damian Marley
  6. Situations, Escape The Fate
  7. Rooftops, Lost Prophets
  8. Comfort Eagle, Cake
  9. Tonight, Tonight, Smashing Pumpkins
  10. The Danger In Startin', A Day To Remember

If you are reading from other South Florida college stations and would like to be included in next week's "Dialed In", please email us to submit your top-ten list.

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