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Diary of a Flasher: Danny Tenaglia Says "Get the Hell Out!"

Enjoying cocktails at Kitchen 305.
I started this diary talking about slowing down my club life, but I haven't seemed to slow down.

My Fourth of July started at the Fifth Annual IndepenDance party where I grossly ended up in the pool and was there for part of the Danny Tenaglia set. One of the murkiest pools I've ever seen. I jumped in and braved it all for the pictures.

Best thing about being at that party was the moment when DT stopped the music completely and told "the guy in the red shirt" to get the hell out if he didn't like the music. Apparently this jerk was booing and I just hope he was one of the people who paid the hundred bucks to get in and was kicked out at that moment. I love you Danny!

On Wednesday, I visited Kitchen 305 at Newport Beach Hotel up in Sunny Isles to check out what's up with this We Love Ladies Wednesday party. Show up early around say, 8 p.m., there's live music acts like Cat Shell and Le Spam All Stars.  

I'd start with a nice dinner. They offer a $10 three-course meal or a filling $26 three-course meal and set a foundation for the free selected cocktails from 9 - 11 p.m. (ladies only). The place transforms into a nice lounge party complete with a live DJ. Now, I couldn't stay late enough for the table dancing fun (or so I'd hope, those drinks were pretty strong), but I was digging it for a nice alternative.

A party that's way below the radar besides No Brainer at PS 14 (great funk selections) on Thursdays is Proper! at LIV on Wednesdays. Yes, Dirty Hairy is the main room, but check out the side room on the top level of the club. It's small, but the music is classic hip-hop, there's room to dance, to sit and to chill so you can bop your head. See what's up next week if you're at Dirty Hairy and get Proper!

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