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Diary of a Flasher: Fourth of July Weekend

Surfcomber - when it's good, it's packed!
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Some of you have a three-day weekend and will be heading out for a nice vay kay, but this chick will be sticking it out in good ol' Miami. The weather pretty much sucks, but seriously, I am feet away from a pool and a few more from the beach, and the parties just don't stop.

I wish I could share something juicy, but right now, my mind is on shooting pictures of Rye Rye this Sunday at Just Add Water over at the Fontainebleau. Haven't been in a couple of weeks, but with the pool party bug -- I am ready to catch it all in front of my lens, rain or (preferably) shine.

But then there is Saturday, a holiday, a reason to BBQ and dance. Most of my time will be spent at The Surfcomber for the Fifth Annual IndepenDance Day Pool Party with house heads and lots of ladies in almost nothing. DJs Eric Morillo, Danny Tenaglia, and Victor Calderone -- all legends - will be on the decks at one time or another. All these men have made me dance into oblivion throughout my club life and I expect nothing less this Saturday. Honey, it's time for a little house music. Chosen track for the pool party vibe: Bingo Players vs. Chocolate Puma "Disco Electrique (Vocal Mix)" -- hope to see you ladies in the pool with your heels!

So far, I am not sure where I may be for the fireworks, but for sure I will be dancing and snapping away. Cameras are locked and loaded. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know.

Let's not forget July 4th is a celebration of our independence. To all our soldiers out there, thanks and be safe.

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