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Diary of a Flasher: Goin' to the Chapel

Photo by Jipsy
Tony and Tina's Wedding at Mansion.
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My images are not for everyone, as a matter of fact, this week I was reminded that I am more of an artistic photographer than a commercial photographer and this is true. I am an artistic photographer, I guess.

A while ago, I was told by an editor that I needed to stop shooting my artistic styled pictures and do more of the desired images of beautiful people and celebrities if I wanted to keep working in this business (Ed. Note: It wasn't us, we swear). Despite his attempt at 'helping' me out, I kept my ground and so far, I am working as myself, for myself and I still shoot the only way I could - my way and I'm very thankful.

As I continue in my journey of documenting my life and the events and parties that surround it, I wanted to ask you, am I the only person who hasn't seen Fuerza Bruta? I missed my opportunity when they first opened. Heard great things, but I will never know.

Instead, a couple of weeks ago, I did catch Tony and Tina's Wedding at Mansion. Yeah, Mansion - the club and had a great time.

Every Friday and Saturday night the interactive show takes over the

dance floor and guest are invited to witness to Tony and Tina's wedding

and be part of the reception. The original show stages a traditional

Italian-American wedding, lots of Joey's and Rose Marie's, you know,

but for the Miami show, it's a mix of Cuban-Italian, something that

took me by surprise.

The show was fun, but I did see the debut and since then I am sure

they've worked out some of the kinks. I enjoyed the family drama even

became part of it as they yelled at each other while I tried to dance

the Chicken Dance - oye, it's a wedding!  If you go, remember you are

part of it, drink and eat (yes, there is a buffet) and dance to every

song, talk to the wedding party and have a good time. Tickets are

available at tonyandtinamiami.com or by calling 1-888-775-6777.

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