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Diary of a Flasher: On High Heels and Rain

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Photo by Jipsy,
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Here it is, the rainy season. For months it was dry. So dry, that we knew global warming was upon us and our days were coming to an end. We had a cold winter with gorgeous sunsets, dry afternoons perfect for a bike ride, star-studded clear skies for all those outdoor parties.... And now Mother Nature reminds us that she's still in charge.

It's June and the rain is back, like clockwork. Every day and night there is a chance of rain, and the weather can vary across South Florida. It could be pouring in Doral and clear in Morningside. As a photographer, you always have to be prepared for the weather -- which I was not, this past Saturday.

There I was, excited to shoot the Betty Bangs swimsuit collection at the new Solé On The Ocean up in Sunny Isles and it was dark and cloudy. Ehh, it might not rain, I thought to myself.

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Photo by Jipsy,
Arriving, I could hear the live rock and roll by the Hep Cat Boo Daddies playing. So far so good. I made it in time for the fashion show, but so did the rain. The show still started, and it kind of fit -- the girls were in bathing sutis, after all. They strutted on over and across the pool, with a clear catwalk giving the illusion they are walking on water. But I could already feel someone was gonna take a dive. Now, rain and rock and roll go together like arroz con pollo, but high heels and a wet pool deck don't.

And then it happens. One model fell down. And she fell so hard, even the band even stopped playing. But seconds later, she righted herself, and dade it through the show like the rest of us.

My pictures came out alright considering the gray skies. I am more of a color whore; I love me some colorful shots unless I am shooting black and white. But I did what I could and the girls looked great. So good in fact, I felt guilty having some sliders and a mojito ... or two.

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