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Diary of a Flasher: So Raw and Sushi Samba

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photo by Jipsy, nefariousgirl.com
Kayakman rocked Sushi Samba.
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From Little Beard and Rotshit at So Raw on a Saturday, to Kayakman on Tuesday at Sushi Samba, my nights out shooting the beat brought some new music to my MP3 player this week.

First, the So Raw Festival last week was exactly what I expected to hear and see at this two-day punk rock art and music fest. I attended Saturday, first spending some time at Upper Eastside Garden for the day shows. I took it easy, had some Vitamin Water, snapped some cute punk rock chicks, and caught a couple of bands.

In the evening, I visited 'ISM Gallery in Wynwood for the night shows. I then found some interesting bands performing. Punk rock never gets old and it should always be as dirty and filthy as Rotshit, from Pittsburgh.

Then Tuesday night I headed to Sushi Samba for their still-going-strong Tuesday night party, Cosplay. I was there for the Rock Hair Fashion Show, styled by Contesta Rock Hair and to my surprise, Kayakman was performing live that night.

This was the second time I heard them and I understand why they were voted Best Latin Alternative Rock Band for 2009 right here in the New Times. Take a listen to their music on their MySpace page -- but there's nothing like a live performance. You can check them out next at Hosteria Romana, 429 Española Way, South Beach on Saturday, June 27 at 10:30 p.m. The show is free.

This week it's back in the club. DJ Andy C will be at Black Sheep Thursday, Camp Gabby plays at Flamingo Fridays at PS 14, and Da Hardy Boyz perform at Poplife.

And a quick tribute to Michael Jackson:

I read yesterday, on one of my social networking sites, a response about everyone's outpouringon the celebrity deaths that happened yesterday. Someone's post simply said, "if you guys didn't know the people who died yesterday, why the fuck you guys make a point with this shit...it's all shit. No one should care unless they are directly affected."
Well, Michael Jackson affected me. He was a big part of my life's soundtrack. I remember watching the Motown 25, when MJ performed a stellar "Billie Jean" in 1983 and for the first time did that moonwalk. I, like everyone in that audience, screamed. Seriously, that is one of my favorite MJ performances ever and when I watch it, I still get the chills.

Thriller, a remarkable album, brings me great memories. I stayed up late to watch the premiere of the video for "Thriller," recorded it, and learned every step of the dance. During the Bad era, I was all about "Smooth Criminal." That was another perfect pop track and videoI I was amazed by Michael's style and his anti-gravity lean.

I may not have shed a tear over his death. But these social network sites are to express ourselves, be it our vanty and parties, or more personal issues like our fears and sadness. They're places many find to share, even if it's "RIP MJ".

Thanks for all the music.

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