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Diary of a Flasher: The Politics of Club Photography

Photo by Jipsy
Really original there, buddy.
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Jumping in and out of clubs and shooting the people posing for some lame T&A site was never me. I started my site because I wanted to shoot the party through my eyes, induced with Cosmos and a dance energy that DJs would ignite within me.  Now after almost five years, I'm over it.

It's not to say I am completely done, by no means, I have a few places I go to from time to time, capturing the party. I love to shoot at LIV, Vagabond and if there was a decent party at Cameo, that place has great lighting. I shoot freely, no posing. It happens every so often, but is that really the party? What I despise is the original pose of some douche giving me the middle finger. Yeah okay, you're fresh.

I know I can't shoot at the Latin clubs, because they HATE the candid shots. Those women go nuts screaming "ahyyee no, please" in their South America accent. I get it; you have an image to maintain. But the ones that get under my skin are the girls that attempt to grab my camera and start yelling at me to either show them or they'd have me kicked out. My response: Bitch please. Those pictures never make it anywhere but the trash bin.

This is not to say I don't respect privacy. Ask nice and I won't post. I understand. But don't touch my camera.

A band I've been listening to on my way to clubs is Rammstein (love them). Their music always brings out that nefarious side in me that has conjured up this weeks rambling. It's made for interesting shots and a more interesting night. Comment, I'm interested.

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