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Diary of a Flasher: Underwater Adventures at the Fontainebleau

photo by Jipsy
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There's a side of me people hardly ever see, simply because I am old enough to understand the business and the attitudes people carry. Like me or not, if I get hired to do a job, get out of my way and have the decency to respect what I do and the people who hired me to do so.

I try to be a lady and keep my domineering streak in check. But by nature, I can easily snap, especially when I am being stopped from doing the job that puts a roof over my head. Psshh, messing with my money, are you crazy?

Now that I got that out of the way, I'm sure you'd like to know the dirt on what I'm really talking about. But I'd rather share my new adventure in underwater shooting.

I just bought an underwater casing that's fulfilling my desires to shoot in and under the water. I tried it out for the first time at the new pool party Just Add Water at Fontainebleau, on Sundays out by the Blade poolside. Unfortunately it was cloudy and it rained a bit, but several came out, including the pale Misshapes, for a swim and a dance.

The DJs were Prince Terrence, Blu Jemz and Paul Sevigny (yes, Chloë's older brother). All the DJs were good, but I have to say WOW to Paul. His DJing was unbelievable -- perfect selections, flawless blends, and hysterical antics on the mike.

As a Poplife production, this party should provide a nice edge for the luxury Fontainebleau. Hotel guests having a cocktail by the pool loved the crowd, so they stayed and got more drinks. JAD (Just Add Water) guests dance, play in the pool, and lay out by the lounge chairs -- but JADers usually party the night before and just want to stave off their hangovers.

My Sundays are reserved for what we call "Sucker Sundays." We stay home and catch up on movies, usually some sappy flick and lie out and drink water all day. But this party will get me out of the bed and into the pool to snap good times.

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