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Did John Tesh Have Rock Band MOG Stunt Team Murdered?

​Is it a documentary? A mockumentary? Or propaganda sent out by John Tesh?

(He's an alien, you know.) Buzz has been swirling around "I'm Gonna Do It

Until the Day I Die," (made by West Palm Beach's Majic Robot Films), which

details the tragic disappearance of the Detroit band MOG Stunt Team. Majic

Robot's David J. King tells us that MOG was a Motorhead-style rock outfit that

stumbled into knowledge that John Tesh, "through his so-called jazz music, was

out to destroy people's brains." The band hooked up with the National Anti-Tesh

Action Society, playing fight songs at rallies, "and that's when they got into

all the political stuff and their problems started."

The film's director

was contacted by Amphetamine Reptile Records, and got his hands on some rare,

grainy Bigfoot-style footage, which reveals how band members may have been

killed in a mysterious hotel explosion. The movie is narrated by King Buzzo of

the Melvins, and it screens at the Stonezek

Theatre at 10 p.m. Saturday, December 5. After deciphering between the

rumors, facts and otherworldly phenomena, make your way to the afterparty at Propaganda,

featuring So Help Me Rifle (slightly off-kilter indie rock), Andy Matchett &

The Minks (erstwhile quirk-rock), and Delray's own soul diva Hilary Mcrea, a gal

with Britney Spears' looks and Joni Mitchell pipes.

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