Did Nicki Minaj's Grammy Performance Remind Anyone Else of a Meatloaf Video?

It's likely that Nicki Minaj's mom, a woman to whom she called out to often during her Grammy performance, even questioned the good taste of the "Roman Holiday" debacle on Sunday. Certainly, the rest of us watching were horrified. We weren't scared of the devilish content, but rather the absolute absurdity of the whole affair. 

When did Nicki become British? Why is she all up Madonna and Lady Gaga's ass on this one? Nicki, you've got style, albeit shitty style, but it's yours. Embrace it. 

Minaj's ridiculous narrative that ran through her set on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour was just a tiny taste of the total moronic grandeur and fantasy-gone-wrong that was "Roman Holiday," a performance reminiscent of another musical persona obsessed with grandeur and himself. Meatloaf. That's right, we said it. Meatloaf. 

Suddenly, yesterday, while musing over this musical monstrosity, it became clear that this is like a bizarro version of one of the tackiest videos of all time, Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)." 

Certainly, the themes are different, but give us a sec here. Minaj is a total drama school nerd. Drama school nerds love Rocky Horror Picture Show. Meatloaf was in Rocky Horror. 

Meatloaf's video is five minutes too long. Nicki's show was five minutes too long (low blow). 

There's this similar idea that they, the singers, are part monster. Meatloaf's a lovable beast, but Nicki's one crazy lady filled with demons. While Meatloaf is restored to his normal Meatloafy self at the end of "I Would Do Anything for Love," Minaj remains possessed with bad taste. 

Is Nicki Minaj so big that everyone around her was too scared to mention something about this "Roman Holiday" plan? We thinks not. Nicki, we'd like to see you around more, girl. Everyone knows Meatloaf, but he's not on that Grammy stage. Please cut the Glee-shit.

Sure this is absurd. 

But this is really absurd!

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