Diplo, Dan Black, Calvin Harris Confirmed for Dirty Hairy at LIV's Winter Schedule

Calvin Harris performs at LIV Febrary 24.
​We've been a little quiet lately on LIV's Wednesday night party Dirty Hairy. Partly because the acts that have been booked lately are more gimmicky than actually, er, talented. Nothing wrong with gimmick -- a mega-club of LIV's size needs to make money -- but let's not sit here and call it music.

However, things seem to be changing once again and we may be back to glory days of when the party first started. It was performances by the likes of the Juan MacLean, Sneaky Sound System, MSTRKRFT and more that put the party on the map.

We were alerted to the party's winter schedule, and with scheduled appearances by Dan Black and Diplo (both who are also scheduled for March's Ultra Music Festival) as well as Calvin Harris, we might just have to put the party in our regular rotation once again. While we've been told Black's performance will indeed be live, no word on whether Calvin Harris will DJ or perform live -- we are hoping for the latter.

After the jump, Dirty Hairy's full confirmed winter schedule as well as Harris' video for "I'm Not Alone," perhaps the best track off his sophomore effort, Ready for the Weekend.

January 20 - Dan Black (Live)

January 27 - Luther Campbell (Live)

February 3 - Laidback Luke

February 10 - Skeet Skeet

February 17 - Diplo

February 24 - Calvin Harris

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