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Diplo's 13 Most Bangin' Beats, Part 2

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Back by popular demand, we present a second installment of Diplo's best production work over the past decade. With calls for revoking our "cool" privileges help from some commenters and a bit more research, another worthy baker's dozen to follow up Diplo's 13 Most Bangin' Beats is here.

Note: Not all of the suggestions from the peanut gallery made it in. "Make You Pop" is still not a personal favorite, and stuff from La Roux Lazerproof mixtape is pretty good but not quite bangin' enough for this list.

The original posting came as a result of Diplo garnering BET accolades for his part in creating Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now,"

which has reached five-times-per-hour status in this cube. And there

are definitely more hip-hop beats from Thomas Wesley Pentz's ever-expanding arsenal

included in this lucky 13 below.

13. Clipse - "Queen Bitch" (Diplo Remix)
Malice and Pusha T rapping over your beat is like sprinkling MSG on your fried rice. Exploding with flavor! This is off DJ Benzi & Evil Empire's We Got the Remix. Is that Ladysmith Black Mambazo or the Tokens? Fresh, regardless.
Clipse - "Queen Bitch" (Diplo Remix) by countygrind

12. The Black Ghosts - "Repetition Kills You" (Diplo Remix)
Kind of scary what Diplo does to Blur/Gorillaz kingpin Damon Albarn's voice here. What started as a sugar-sweet workout jam is something that genuinely sounds like it's populated by some sort of supernatural being.

11. Private - "My Secret Lover" (Diplo Remix)
Remember Junior Senior? Danish trio Private probably does too, judging by the soulful vocals that almost certainly don't belong to Michael Jackson, right? Diplo is an admitted fan and finds the right elements of misdirection to fill this out. 

10. Maluca - "El Tigeraso"
Hypnotic and somewhat of a Dominican spin on Simian Mobile Disco's "Hustler" for its no-nonsense rap courtesy of Maluca. And do watch the video for the soda can curlers! Whenever she's ready to release a full-length, the M.I.A. comparisons will really ramp up. Here's a new artist who seems a perfect fit for Diplo's more frenetic explorations.

9. I Blame Coco & Robyn - "Caesar" (Diplo Remix)
Sort of dangerous when you stumble across the remix of a track before you hear the original. When it's a Diplo remix, especially. Could've made for a decent T.I. beat a couple of years ago, actually. Might not have any clue what "the Lord of the Flies all over again" actually means, but this kind of bangs, regardless.

8. Kanye West - "Gold Digger" (Diplo Remix)
Putting more of the Ray Charles sample into this track and a heck of a lot less Kanye will please plenty of folks before even clicking play. Now imagine if your entire wedding reception was like this!

7. Dillon Francis & Maluca - "Que Que"
Somewhat of a Diplo protégé, Los Angeles DJ/producer Dillon Francis enters the Moombahton sphere on this collaboration with the master.

6. Sunday Girl - "Four Floors" (Diplo Remix)
British songstress not named after a delightful Blondie song puts her trust in Diplo and comes out with a bottom-heavy version of this single that rips away all of those happy little drumbeats.

5. GD & Top - "Knock Out"
Korean rappers with a ridiculous video budget manage to corner one of the squishiest creations from Diplo's entire career.

4. Nicola Roberts - "Beat of My Drum"
Unbelievable, and perhaps deserving of an even higher ranking on this list. Ex-Girls Aloud heading solo and finding ways to craft pop in the U.K. that makes most of the current American stuff seem tame as hell. Lots more on Roberts here.

3. Diplo - "Big Lost"
It's easy to forget that the early era of Diplo was much more like a descendant of RJD2 and DJ Shadow. "Big Lost" will transport you back with one of the most on-point intersections of vintage organ, strings, and heavily manipulated breakbeats. There might be a few fans of that era who want him to go back, but why repeat what you have already perfected? 

2. Marlena Shaw - "California Soul" (Diplo Remix)
Speaking of, Shaw's soulful vocals showed up on DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist's notable "Brainfreeze" mix. Regardless, this is sort of like a middle finger to all of those Moby/Fatboy Slim songs that basically sound like disgusting audio gentrification. Every bit of Shaw's marvelous vocal is celebrated, and the backing accouterments are a worthy pedestal.

1. Robyn - "Dancehall Queen"
I really don't want no hassle, so this song tops the list this time. Know that feeling of just wanting to push that volume control higher even if it hurts? In the storied career of Robyn, which seems to be all about topping her previously lauded work with even grander feats of pop songcraft, this collaboration is speaker murder from royalty. And no, it sounds nothing like ABBA.  

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.