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Diplo's Mad Legit Mixtape Is Cheapest if You Already Own All the MP3s

Here's an interesting concept for anyone trying to make money selling remixes of songs they don't have permission to remix: Make the consumer pick up the tab for you.

Legitmix, which as been in private beta since March, just released a new Diplo mixtape today called Mad Legit. The known purveyor of these 13 bangin' beats (and these 13, as well) has amassed plenty of material under the Mad Decent banner and other projects simply as Thomas Wesley Pentz, so break out the free Chris Brown "Look at Me Now" dubstep remix! But, wait. As the name suggests, the "legit" portion of all this is that you actually buy it.

Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with paying for music -- although Spotify might significantly diminish that rate yet again -- but this platform is admittedly a little strange and will have you typing into your calculator a bit.

Scenario 1:
One of the Mad Legit mix's tracks, 2Pac's "Da Cali Anthem (Rusko Remix)" costs $1.99 if purchased alone and if you don't already own a copy of 2Pac's Greatest Hits in your music collection.

Scenario 2:
If you do own "Da Cali Anthem" already, you need only pay $1 for the pleasure of hearing Rusko remix it. Note: He will not come over to your house to do it.

Scenario 3:
If you buy the entire 13-track Mad Legit mix, you need pay only the $16.46 for all of the original tracks -- if it's a mashup, like the Belle Epoque and Munchi's "Miss Broadway Sandungueo (Paul Devro Mash-up)," you gotta pay for both -- and the remix fee is only $1 extra for the entire collection.

Scenario 4:
If you are Rusko, you pay no fees whatsoever.

Here's a Schoolhouse Rock-style animation to explain that again: 

Legitmix Empowers Fans from Legitmix on Vimeo.

As well as from the artist's perspective:

Legitmix Empowers Artists from Legitmix on Vimeo.

And if the Diplo mix still sounds intriguing, preview it here:

[via Pitchfork]

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