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Dirty Blondes

Dirty Blondes

229 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale


Oh, the sound of bones crushing under the collective weight of the linebacking core. Football season is back in our lives, which means fall is here and it's just warm enough to go outside without melting. With each new season comes the same old dilemma: beach and bikinis or couch and high definition? Not to worry. This year, you have Dirty Blondes, a conveniently located bar and fun house where you can have your football and eat it too. Dirty Blondes sits on Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard just north of Las Olas. It's only a hop-skip away from the waves, so hit the beach, check out the hotties, toss the pigskin around, then come in and grab a drink. Here, shirtless dudes and bikini-clad girls walk around exchanging smiles and glances. Animated conversations erupt into bouts of laughter and joyous cheering near the bar, while fun and games take place around ten pool tables in the back. The gaming area also has Knockout, air hockey, Galaga, hoops, and a Face Place to capture the moment with a picture. It's a bit smoky, but large doors remain open to air out the place. Twenty 20-inch TVs are tuned to the day's games. New rock tunes are always pumping from the jukebox, and they're just loud enough to allow conversation. You won't find any food, but you'd be wise to take advantage of "the world's longest happy hour" (noon-10 p.m.), which serves $2.25 drafts, $2.75 bottles, and $2.50 cocktails. Fun in the sun, beer in your mug, and football in your face... multitasking has never been this fun. — Bryan Falla

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Bryan Falla