Disco Night at Dolphin Stadium--Lord Have Mercy

Oh the joy of Disco.

Over the weekend, myself and Arielle Castillo stumbled in to Dolphin Staudium, literally, half-cocked on wine and tequila and caught one of the most hilarious disco shows that you could imagine. Picture the scene: standing next to second base right after a Florida Marlins game and watching Tavares, France Joli, and Gloria 'Freaking' Gaynor belt out their list of disco hits as fireworks were shot into the sky and girls in booty shorts danced on both sides of the stage.

The in-field was moderately packed with kids, who probably don't even know what disco is, and a few strange birds who were donning disco attire like it was 1976. There was a John Travolta look alike--a la--Saturday Night Fever standing behind us and a few crazy white folks sporting giant afro wigs. The ushers should have been passing out free hits of acid before the concert started as the whole scene felt like a trip!

She doesn't look like this now, but here's some Gloria Gaynor footage of the original "I Will Survive" video, roller disco and all.--Jonathan Cunningham

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