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DJ House Shoes gets HVW8


Hip-hop junkies and beat heads need to familiarize themselves with DJ Houseshoes. He's one of the foremost experts on all things Dilla related, which is a technical way of saying the two came up together in the same gritty Detroit night clubs and vibed outside of the typical DJ/MC relationship. Shoes is out in L.A. now, carrying Dilla's legacy forward and bigging up Detroit artists like Guilty Simpson, Ta'Raach, Waajeed, Invincible, Marv Won, and Dilla baby's brother, Illa J who is just as ill as his big brother in his own right.

Anyway, Shoes is the gateway to the whole Detroit sound right now. Cats from the artist/music enclave, HVW8, recently reached out to him for a podcast that's off the meat rack.

Listen to the podcast here and get hip.

If you've ever been on Jay Dee's MySpace page and wondered why, of all the cats that Dilla worked with, why House Shoes ended up in Dilla's number one spot--until recently when he got bumped to number two by Common, trust me, there's a good reason.

Listen to the podcast people.

Here's the tracklist.

House Shoes - Castles (CDR)*D

Guilty Simpson - For the D (CDR)*D

Jay Electronica - Victory is in My Clutches (CDR)

Pete Rock/Slum Village - Gangsta Boogie *D

Blu - No Greater Love (Sound in Color)

Kev Brown - Randon Joint (LowBudget)

Waajeed - Proud (Bling 47)*D

House Shoes - Newports (CDR)*D

Dabrye feat. Guily Simpson - Special (Black Milk rmx) (CDR)*D

Quelle - Special Ingredient (CDR)*D

Qeulle w/ Denmark Vesey - Deal Widdit (CDR)*D

Snowman Jack - Street Corner Music (CDR)*D

M.O.P. - Sharks

Marv Won - Back Like I Never Left (CDR)*D

House Shoes - Dorothy's Look (CDR)*D

Marv Won - Happy Birthday (CDR)*D

14 KT - Gee Whiz (CDR)*D

Black Milk - Get Down (CDR)*D

House Shoes - It's On (CDR)*D

Phat Kat - True Story Pt.II (Look)*D

Waajeed - Dusk (Bling 47)*D

Jay Dee - Fresh for 98 (CDR)*D

Illa Jay - Me and My Brother (CDR)*D

J Dilla w/ Ta'Raach - Say It! (Operation Unknown)*D

Guilty Simpson - Get Bitches, Get Rides (Stones Throw)*D

Phat Kat - My Old Label (Look)*D

14 KT - Without Dilla (CDR)*D

Robert Glasper - J Dillalude (Blue note)

D'Angelo - Fantastic (CDR)

Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know

(*D reps Detroit to the fullest, as if you didn't know...) --Jonathan Cunningham

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Jonathan Cunningham

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