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DJ Khaled to Drop "Another One" on Fort Lauderdale This Wednesday

You may think you know DJ Khaled, but he's changed… a lot!

The loud-mouthed catch-phrase aficionado first came into prominence locally as the afternoon DJ on 99 Jamz. I can't tell you how many times I drove my car down University Drive and shouted at my radio, “I'm trying to LISTENNN, Khaled, but you keep screaming over the song!”

I loved him, I hated him, and then I went away to college. I thought it was over, but who did I suddenly hear on the radio? That's right. DJ KHALED. Now, as he celebrates the release of his eighth studio album and counts almost a decade of international hit-making with the biggest names rap has to offer, he takes it all back to square one with a special 99 Jamz Uncensored set at Revolution Live this Wednesday, November 18.

I Changed a Lot, released October 23, continues in the same vein of all Khaled's LPs: The beats bang hard, the slow songs remain gangsta as fuck, and it plays as a veritable who's-who of radio rap in 2015. Miami's Trick Daddy and Rick Ross hold it down for the 305 between fellow regulars Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Future, Jeezy, French Montana, Jay Z, Usher, Jeremih, and more A-listers than we can possibly bore you with. It's even got Fetty Wap, because, c'mon, that dude be everywhere.

Khaled stands at his biggest moment ever. After coining “you smart” (via the incredible locally directed video for “Hold U Down”), and “special cloth alert” (via his 43-minutes-of-gold radio interview on EBRO in the morning), I kind of want to fashion a Catch-Phrase Champion of the World trophy and hand it over to him on the Revolution stage.

Khaled's come a long way from being that weird-looking dude in the background of Fat Joe music videos. He's no longer just a featured producer on Terror Squad albums — he's putting together his own supergroup masterpieces. He's no longer just the guy yelling over sirens on 99 Jamz — he's a label owner, a restaurateur (via Miami Gardens' Finga Licking), a headphone-business owner, and a successful spokesman for any and all of his featured artist's myriad vodka brands.

He's quite honestly, unequivocally, unabashedly “da best,” but he does it all for South Florida, and when he takes to the deck Wednesday, we can all fill our lungs with green smoke and yell “We Da Best” with no irony.

99 Jamz Uncensored starring DJ Khaled
Wednesday, November 18, at Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. The show starts at 8 p.m., and tickets can be won exclusively by listening to 99.1 Jamz on FM radio. Call 305-444-4404, or visit
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