DJ Mix: Lazaro Casanova's "The Perfect 10 Back to Basics"

Lazaro Casanova: Don't let the baby face fool you.
​Local DJs like Oscar G and Cedric Gervais may get all the glory on a national level, but they better watch out for Lazaro Casanova. The young musician has gone from obscure indie-party DJ to legit techno/house producer. He even paired up with Jay-You to create a bi-coastal record label, petFood, in which to release their own productions.

Casanova has also been fortunate enough to have been called upon to remix for the likes of the Juan MacLean, Christian Martin, HEARTSREVOLUTION and 2020 Soundsystem, so he must be doing something right.

But don't take our word for it. Casanova emailed us a new mix he posted up, which includes a remix of a Lee Burridge track that won't be out until some time during Winter Music Conference. Also, it includes an unreleased production by Casanova himself called "Bames Jrown." You can stream it or download it -- if you love it that much -- via SoundCloud.

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