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DJ Supersede Broadens His Reach with Lincoln Road Records

Nick Morrison and Supersede, AKA the Miami Ski Team.
​At 26-years-old, Andrew Beckwith, AKA DJ Supersede, has a career most local DJs would be envious of. He spins at some of South Florida's most popular nightclubs; he was selected by you, the reader, as Best Club DJ for last year's Best of Miami; and he just just launched a new label called Lincoln Road Records together with his production partner Nick Morrison -- also known as the Miami Ski Team.

Under Lincoln Road Records, Beckwith has already released two EPs including Living It Up by Supersede & Morrison, and The Light by Shawn Rudnick -- both which are available for download via iTunes.

We talked to Beckwith for a hot minute about what exactly is the concept behind his record label, his dual role as a DJ and record exec, and about his favorite local dance clubs.

New Times: What's the purpose of Lincoln Road Records? Who else is involved with it? Do you have a roster of artists signed?

Andrew Beckwith: Lincoln Road Records was formed to release the original productions of our two production groups, Supersede & Nick Morrison and the Miami Ski Team. Being so involved in the Miami, electronic music scene, has given us the opportunity to meet handfuls of talented producers who do not have the venue for having their music distributed to the world. So why not kill two birds with one stone, and introduce everyone to the music that we feel is "good" electronic music?

What do you think is more difficult being a DJ or running a label?

Both running a label and DJing have their difficulties, but I would have to say that running a label is much harder. There is quite a bit more red tape, including contract formalities, maintaining a schedule of release that is dependent on a group of artists different schedules, as well as the problems that come along with working alongside 15 or more international distributors.  

You've been a very active DJ in South Florida for the past few years, what are some of your favorite places to spin at?

Mynt is my all-time favorite, just based on the clientele that regularly attends their events. They have an undying love for any style of electronic music, and have a vast knowledge of many different genres to boast. LIV is another venue that is just amazing to play at, just because of the sheer decadence of the decor, sound, and lighting.  Then of course, there are the staples of the Miami nightlife scene, like Mansion, SET, and my other go-to spot, Purdy Lounge. Every time I get to play at Purdy Lounge, everyone that goes there really digs whatever the DJ has to say through his music. Purdy is another spot, where the people who go there, really know their music and can spot out a really talented DJ within the first 10 minutes of their set.

While your sound is arguably "open format" (a category I personally detest), how would you describe your sound?

While most of the sets I play are "open format", I like to wander around into some of the obscure genres that most people aren't used to normally hearing from their Miami DJs.  I love to delve into the classics from the '80s and '90s that weren't pop hits, as well as some one-hit wonders that everyone knows, but hasn't heard inside a nightclub since the record was released. I would definitely describe my sets as energetic, reminiscent, and just plain fun.

What are your top five favorite records to spin right now?

In no particular order:
1. Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile (Original Mix)
2. Gucci Mane - Lemonade (DJ Scene Uptempo Mix)
3. Justice vs Wale - D.A.N.C.E. Freestyle
4. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (Graham Funke's FUNKEdit)
5. DiscoTech - IMMIA (Original Mix) & (Supersede & Nick Morrison Remix)

You can download Supersede & Nick Morrison's Miami Ski Team 2010 Mix here.

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