DJ Woozles Will Wake Up Hollyweird

There's good food, good bars, and full-band karaoke that makes a night in downtown Hollywood a great time. There's also weird all over that city, most especially all around Young Circle.

But is there anything really, really interesting? Cheap Miami, with the help of DJ Woozles (AKA Frankie Guzman of Jolt Radio), is looking to make that answer a resounding yes.

Woozles is set to appear for two DJ sets this month, the first on January 14 at PRL Euro bar. The second will be January 23, with the Bearings playing as well.

DJ Woozles' What in the World Show? Space is the Place Season Finale by Jolt Radio on Mixcloud

Though he calls Hollywood "barren," Patrick Garcia of Cheap Miami is a big fan of PRL, where, among others, underrated band Plastic Pinks played its first show.

"As a venue, I really enjoy it," he says. "It's kinda low-key, and they don't have live music often. But for DJs, there's always a spot open and an eclectic mix of genres on any given night."

That description is perfect for the supereclectic Woozles, who has a tendency to pepper his sets with anything from orchestral selections to spoken-word sections to straight-up noise just to see who's paying attention and keep listeners on their toes.

DJ Woozles has made a name for himself by spinning at clubs and with his What in the World? show on Miami's Jolt Radio. Concocting themes and playing the outer limits, he has as much fun throwing around randomness as people have listening to it.

"My live sets are pretty much a journey through various themes, with a bit of less structure and more madness and genre-jumping," he said. "It also depends on the crowd or mood or venue... I've gotten away with playing the orchestral version of 'Space Oddity' at many gigs. It's always fun to sneak classical music in during noise breaks or certain loops. Lately, I've been putting in iPhone text message sound effects to see who in the audience checks their phones.

"It's a lot of fun, even if no one knows," he adds. "Shouldn't you please yourself along with the crowd?"

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