Do You Have a Xiu Xiu Tattoo?

Once you enter the unbelievably intense world of Jamie "Xiu Xiu" Stewart, there is always some sort of marking on your person forever. For many, the response is a visceral, guttural repulsion that usually requires said person to leave the record store, music venue, or tattoo parlor in question immediately wishing they could erase what they just heard. Not everyone can deal with someone telling them to "Cremate me after you come on my lips." For the chosen few, however, Stewart's graphic lyrics delivered with a mix of fragility and screams, as well as his impossibly dark soundscapes, are the only thing that can calm inner tumult. This is music for individuals who think Morrissey is too positive.

Judging by the message boards, there are many souls in the latter category who have decided to make their permanent commitment to Xiu Xiu a visible entity -- and most look markedly better than these tattoos. Stewart has likely seen many of these creations, because he's commissioning a poster that will celebrate said tattoos "(or brands or scars)." And, of course, it comes with the same twisted humor as much of the recorded material: "WE APPRECIATE YOUR DRIVE TO SELF MUTILATE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Not only will this earn you a lifetime of black-hearted devotion, this will earn you some free swag.

Until October 1, send well-lit, hi-res images of your Xiu Xiu body markings to:

[email protected] under the subject heading XIU XIU TATTOO

as a small, small attempt at appreciation we will send each person who participates a copy of our new record (to be released in feb 2012 on polyvinyl records and bella union records) on the format of their choice, the poster (obviously), and pair of rubber gloves.

Click here for more information.

Now the key to all of this mad body-alteration is that there is still time -- over a month -- yet to get thine body marked for consideration. Might we recommend 2002's Knife Play as a full-on thrust into the muck, but these'll get you going.

"Crank Heart" from Fabulous Muscles

"Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl" from A Promise

"Chocolate Makes You Happy" from Dear God, I Hate Myself

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Reed Fischer
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