Don't Watch Young Circles' "Love Hitch" Video if You Have Epilepsy

Before any visuals in Young Circles' "Love Hitch" music video, we get a warning. "This video may trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy," it reads. "Viewer discretion is advised."

Nearly eight minutes of dark, flickering footage later, County Grind survived this hallucinogenic experience without any noticeable twitching. Taken from the group's Jungle Habits album, this is a visual statement of purpose from these Occupy Wall Street supporters.

If you're expecting to see a bunch of prime shots of the handsome members of the experimental Miami outfit, you're going to be sorely disappointed -- the still to the right is one of the few moments when singer Jordy Asher's face is discernible. Like the song, it sputters and flashes and dances along.

Based on "footage collected over the past eight months, with live footage

integrated into over 7,000 stop-motion images and animated on a flat-bed

scanner," the clip is a collaboration that features contributions from Asher, drummer Jeff Rose, and multi-instrumentalist Antonio Gonzalez, and was directed by Adam Badlotto.

Watch the video at Alternative Press' website. Update:


Young Circles. With the Asteroid Shop, and {in-boxes}. 8 p.m. Friday, December 9, at Sweat Records, 5505 NE Second Ave., Miami. No cover. Click here.

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