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Doors Drummer John Densmore: "Maybe Jim's Ghost Will Haunt Me Forever"

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New Times: This book of yours could be a major motion picture. It's got the drama, the suspense, the intrigue...

John Densmore: Yeah! That's what I want to hear! Why don't you become a movie producer and make it happen? I've heard that comment a lot. There's only two Doors left so Robbie would have to be comfortable with it.

Have you and he reconciled? Any hard feelings?

Before the book was published, I sent the last chapter to Robbie and Ray with a note saying, "This will probably be a hard pill to swallow, but I wanted to be sure you got this last chapter where I say I love you guys." How could I not? We created magic in a garage and we're musical brothers forever.

Our relationship had become quite strained with this mess. And then when I heard Ray had become quite sick, I called him and I was very thankful he picked up. I didn't know at the time it would be our closing phone call, but it was. And we had it. Nothing specific was discussed at the time about the struggle. It was about his struggle with cancer.

After he passed, I said to Robbie, let's play together and do a tribute to Ray and a benefit to raise funds for cancer research. So we're trying to get this together, hopefully next spring.

So it appears that you and Robbie are friends again.

Yeah, we're OK.

Nevertheless, this whole court ordeal must have been really difficult.

Litigation always is. I had no idea how crazy it is.

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