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Dopapod and Fusik - Funky Buddha, Boca Raton - October 12

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By 11, the crowd was hungry for some Dopapod. They slide between a classic funk (think New Mastersounds) and more experimental electro-rock (think Disco Biscuits) sound within any given tune without skipping a beat. A lot of this seamless transitioning between genres lies in the serious skills of keyboardist Eli Winderman. He's on top of both a keyboard and a Moog synthesizer, simultaneously, jumping one from the other and back again with a slight swivel of his chair. This is rounded out by Rov Compa matching every move on guitar, Neal Evans on drums and Chuck Jones on bass, each one a master of his instrument, creating a product that is as well-polished and controlled as it is unpredictable. 

The group has been touring relentlessly this fall. Friday night's show marked only one of eight concerts Dopapod is playing in Florida within just 10 days. And that's just in the Sunshine State. 

"I live to be on the road... It's what we do best. It's natural," said guitarist Rob Compa. Despite the late conclusion of the show and a concert the following night in Gainesville, Rob and his bandmates continued the festivities with local organizers and concertgoers, while we, well, opted to go to bed. Lame.

And this won't be the last we see of them in the short-term. Toward the conclusion of their set, Dopapod took a moment to give a shout-out to Brotherly Love Productions, as well, and Aura Music Festival, for which they are confirmed to play later this year. 

Check out Dopapod's website, and download Drawn Onward for free, kids. Fusik's next appearance will be at Hurricane Lounge in Delray on October 21, as a part of Brotherly Love Productions' regular event Rock Out With Your Cookout. 

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