Download Beings' Self-Titled Album Free Till Sunday

Not to get forceful, but it's time to grab Beings' self-titled album. It was already named County Grind's sixth-best local album of 2010 before ever receiving an official release, and it's friggin free -- for a limited time.

The Miami experimental punk trio has decided to offer the album (an initial small pressing of CDs, cassingles, and seven-inch vinyl has sold out) as a download over at its Bandcamp site in conjunction with all of the Record Store Day fun going on this weekend.

As various record-label maladies occur that are somewhat boring to mention in great deal here, member Mike Alen notes: "This is just our DIY effort to get these songs out there in the

meantime rather than wait around for everything to sort itself out."

Sort yourself out and just download the sucker!

Video for "LKLL":

And a couple of unreleased Beings jams set to visual stimulation.
"Crowd Clones":

"Social Creep":

Sweatstock 2011: With Beings, Panic Bomber, Lil Daggers, Deaf Poets, and

others. Noon Saturday, April 16, at Sweat Records, 5505 NE Second Ave.,

Miami. Call 786-693-9309, or visit sweatrecordsmiami.com. Admission is free. All ages.

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