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Download: Bonnet People's Demo(n) EP

Psychedelic is a word that gets tossed around a lot about music, but it doesn't always truly apply. If the true meaning of psychedelia is that it's meant to induce an elevated state of consciousness, to remove you from your immediate surroundings, then most music described as "psychedelic" doesn't necessarily fit the bill. What is experimental and complex and interestingly textured is not necessarily psychedelic. Throw in anything like a pop melody or a chorus and you basically disqualify yourself.

So here comes newish Fort Lauderdale act Bonnet People, a threesome that has little use for window dressing. When this group claims "psychedelic," the members mean it. This is 100 percent instrumental stuff that loops and meanders over minutes at a stretch, floating away from planet Earth in a haze of jangling guitars and controlled feedback. The group's five-track debut EP, Demo(n), shifts from noodling indie rock to almost-shoegaze to near-free-jazz-style passages and back, with tongue-in-cheek track titles like "Party Like an Enochian" leaving things totally open to interpretation.

While the tracks on Demo(n) are really, unsurprisingly by the name, just demo-worthy, there are some interesting ideas here. As the band is part of the extended family of Snooze Theatre-type out-there bands, that kind of creative fertilization could spark some truly out-there stuff in the future.

Download Bonnet People's Demo(n) for free below, and visit the band on Bandcamp and Facebook.

Download: Bonnet People - Demo(n)

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