Download: Henry Krinkle - The Lush Haus Remixes EP

During its brief, few months' run, the short-lived Lush Haus party at Propaganda cemented a sort of miniscene. Its resident performers, Sumsun, the Get, and Secret Hideout, tapped into a certain cosmic, New Age-y Zeitgeist in electronic music that was gaining steam on the internet but hadn't quite reached real-life South Florida yet. Sumsun pushed past the boundaries of chillwave for sounds that bordered on Balearic house, while the Get was slightly dubbier.

But in February, Edwin Jantunen, the guy behind the Get, scrapped that persona in favor of a new pseudonym, Henry Krinkle. Under that name, he's just released a new multitrack EP he's titled The Lush Haus Remixes. Looks like "lush haus" is a concept he's still pushing forward, and by what we hear on the release, it means a spacy, woozy, glitchy take on earbud music that could also work on the dance floor.

Most of this material is midtempo, clocking in at about 120 bpm and making for easy hip-shaking material. Krinkle reworks numbers from white-hot names like Marina and the Diamonds and Kimbra into stuttering, stretched-out, echoing, chilled-out, garage-y house. It's the kind of thing that would work well on a fancy patio at sunset or -- why not? -- at 1 a.m. in a crowded club.

You can download the EP for free below, but to hear it in action this month, you'll have to head south to Miami for the Vagabond's Get Low party on April 26.

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