Download: Kid Sister's Kiss Kiss Kiss; Catch Her Friday at Revolution

Kid Sister's Kiss Kiss

Kiss mixtape just dropped, and it drops hard. As Kid Sister whispers sweet

nothings into our ear over a sample of Digital Underground's "Kiss You Back" on

the intro of the mixtape, it's clear that the next 30 minutes are going to be a

fun ride through the tunnel o' love.

With her fast lyrical delivery and brilliant mixing by Fool's

Gold cofounder Nick Catchdubs, the mixtape is an instant house party. The

'90s hip-hop vibe is strong, but the preachy factor has been totally eliminated.

The beats brilliantly segue from classic 808s to Power 96 Golden Age Freestyle,

and it even ventures into the world of dubstep.

On "Lookout Weekend," all the lasers and melody from the orginal Debbie Deb version are in full effect and kicked into hyperspace. Kid Sister has managed to improve on a song that is already guaranteed to move asses out of their seats. Guest Spanglish vocals by identical twins Nina Sky kind of make us wish we never heard Pitbull's Marlins theme song based on the original.

Just as the tape starts to get too loose for public safety, Pall Wall and gallons of syrup take over on "Imma Get It." Equal parts Trick Daddy bass and Austin Chopped & Screwed, it's not too fast or drunkenly slow, and of course Kid Sister's sassy voice is like a sprinkle of sugar on the Robitussin.

Listening to this made us realize what M.I.A.'s ViCKi LEEKX needed most: some positivity. This shit is the shit, and M.I.A.'s work, a strong mix in its own right, is bogged down by critical/political anti-everything lyrics. Kid Sister is for the party people, not the people's party.

Kid Sister. With Of Montreal. 7:30 p.m. Friday, January 14, at

Revolution, 200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $24.

Call 954-727-0950, or click here.

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