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Download Surfer Blood's Entire Concert at New York's Bowery Ballroom

After providing you a high-quality Heavy Pets bootleg last month, we bring you news that another South Florida staple, Surfer Blood, has received the NYCtaper treatment.

In short, this site is an invaluable source of live recordings that don't suffer from the limitations of that shitty microphone packed into your iPhone 4S.

Recorded back on April 29, the guys tear through well-worn Astro Coast material, several of the tracks that make up the new Tarot Classics EP, and a new song about Salman Rushdie that hasn't found a home just yet.

NYCtaper notes that they "also have two outstanding matrix recordings of

the band's Northside Festival sets that we will offer in the coming

days." We'll add the links for those when available.

Here's the track listing from this recording:

01 Floating Vibes

02 Twin Peaks

03 [new song-?]

04 Harmonix w/ jam

05 [banter]

06 Take It Easy

07 Miranda [new]

08 Voyager Reprise [new]

09 Fast Jabroni

10 Swim

11 Anchorage

12 [encore break]

13 Neighbour Riffs

14 Island

15 Catholic Pagans

Download: Surfer Blood at Bowery Ballroom 04/29/11

And just a reminder that today marks the start of Surfer Blood's dates opening for the Pixies on the "Doolittle Lost Cities" tour.

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