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Download: The-Dream - "Kill the Lights" and Free 1977 Album; South Florida Show Soon?

Yesterday, we got so wrapped up in explaining our musical crush on songwriter/artist the-Dream that we completely forgot to include the reason for his upcoming tour and renewed internet buzz. 

His upcoming spring tour was originally set to include an April 12 date at Revolution (along with a couple of other Florida dates), which is now mysteriously missing from the official list of dates on his website. That tour lineup page promises, however, new dates added daily, so hopefully the South Florida date isn't "official" but perhaps just in the final negotiation stages. (We'll keep you posted.)

Still, it's not too early to enjoy the track that is the namesake of the "Kill the Lights" tour. It's the first new offering of the-Dream's own original material since his 2010 album, Love King, and it's promising. The tides of taste may finally be ready for some more commercial support for the-Dream. He's always been a little off-kilter, favoring lush, dark, starkly electronic beats -- a sound that's recently been made popular by a few key figures, like the much younger but similarly strangely named "the" artist, the Weeknd.

This is a slow-winding, echoing, even vaguely druggy love duet featuring the-Dream's signature falsetto boosted by some female counterpoint from Casha, a new signee to Radio Killa Records. (Fun fact: She's apparently Will Smith's niece.) She also appears on the-Dream's free 1977 album, which you can grab below along with the single.

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